Longey Mall

Chengdu Longey Mall

Location Chengdu, China  
Size 20,388 sqm
Status Construction Stage
Design Date 2019
Client Taikang
Tags Architecture

Situated in an aging district that undergoes rapid redevelopment in Chengdu city, “Longey City” is the first flagship retail centre of Longey properties. JATO’s design mission is to rejuvenate the existing building both visually and contextually, strive to forge a unique boutique shopping destination under the theme of “Hyper Cube”, which offers a “retro futuristic” touch to both interior spaces as well as the architectural language via the means of large scale integrated installation arts as well as proposed semi open spaces. JATO was appointed to take on the project from concept design to detail design stage, the brand new shopping destination is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2022.

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