Asia Property Awards 2019

24 NOVEMBER 2019

Asia Property Award is one of the biggest award and competition in Asia. We are honored to be awarded with 3 Highly Commended Awards in Best Retail Architecture Design, Best Mixed-Used Architecture Design, and Best Retail Interior Design.

“Best Retail Architecture Design” & “Best Mixed-Used Architecture Design”
Zhengshen Taigugang Commercial Development

“Best Retail Interior Design”
Jiuwu Culture City

Nanchang Zhengshen Commercial Development

The architectural concept beings with the unique geographical characteristic of the Nanchang Delta. Towers and podiums are being symbolic elements as the mountain and plateau along the Gan River, while the dynamic movements of the pedestrian are being captured and expressed throughout the design of the landscape, continuous seamlessly with the building envelope. The podium design for the department store at Plot A and B share a similar architectural expression. Rather than using an oversize-lack-of-flexibility-LED display for advertisement, the main entrance of Plot A features a 45m tall x 40m wide hanging gallery as a city “Art-scape”, in which will be used for periodic art display for the local or national artists. Those displayed work will become part of the façade elements and unique identity of the commercial complex. Podium of Plot B is rather “fluid” and “elegant” to allow creativities take place for the high fashion tenants. There are three major towers consist of a 5-star hotel, SOHO Loft, and Office. The form of the tower has been studied carefully to reduce the massive volume and enhance the overall proportion. The clubhouse and restaurant will be occupied at the rooftop of the tower to enjoy spectacular views of Nanchang.

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City, a 24 hour “book mall” in Shenyang themed with the design concept of “Tree of Cultural”- a page on a book, a leaf on a tree. “Book-ladder culture” as the focal point of the project is meant to reflect the atmosphere of reading under the tree, where this area also served as a main event space to held seminars and autograph event. Lighting effect penetrating through origami like elements from walls and ceiling becomes a nostalgic element to show a new culture of the city with a growing lantern that never goes of. With its design and new way of operation, the cultural plaza has now become one of the major landmarks in Shenyang, demonstrating a revolution of bookshop and shopping experience.