Lujiazui Properties Luyuehui Qiantan

Lujiazui Properties Luyuehui Qiantan Shanghai

Location Shanghai
Size 1,655sqm
Status Retail Planning
Design Date 2022
Client Lujiazui Properties
Tags F&B

Developed by Lujiazui Group, Luyuehui is a shopping mall located in the office building community of the Qiantan Enterprise World. In order to meet the growing needs of diet diversification of the office group in Qiantan and the development planning in the future business layout, it is decided to transform a space of F-1 of Luyuehui Mall into an underground food plaza.

Inspired by the "hidden spring scenery", this transformation project aims to create a simple and fresh garden-themed space to provide a vibrant dining environment for diners here.

There are three main types of seats here. The first is movable tables and chairs, which can be added or removed according to different operational needs. The second is sofa booths designed around the spatial structure column, and the third is bar seats that can be freely switched according to the demand. A total of 13 catering stores are set up around the public area in the middle. The unified decoration of shop signs emphasizes the sense of order in the space, among which the specially designed curved lintel shape that is sprayed with grain feeling coating on the surface highlights the quality of refined decoration design under the light.

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