Longhu Guanyinqiao

Chongqing Longhu Guanyinqiao

Location Chongqing, China
Size 18,400 sqm
Status Opened in 2018
Design Date 2017
Tags Retail

Chongqing is known for one of the most traditional architectural features. It is built on the mountain and along the river. Following the characteristics of the mountain city, you can feel the strong Chongqing atmosphere from the exterior building. Especially, “Suspended wooden building” which is the unique traditional building in Chongqing, fused into modern techniques. Resulting in interlacing of lines, strong contrast materials and geometrical shape of mountain city. The retail circulation is surrounding a box atrium, we use the scenic lift and void edge decoration on second and third floors to attract the consumer attention, drive the flow of people to increase the commercial value of the upper floor, Meanwhile, looking up the whole space, layer by layer stacking reflects the characteristics of the project theme.

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