Taikang Z12 Headquarter

Beijing Taikang Z12 Headquarter

Location Beijing
Size 8,427sqm
Status Concept Design
Design Date 2019
Client Taikang Group
Tags Other

Taikang Group is a high-end urban complex integrating commercial, office and high-end apartments. Taikang is not a traditional financial company. The design concept of this building fully reflects Taikang's corporate culture of "health, affinity, nobleness, elegance, simplicity, comfort and high quality". The design is also prospective and humanized. Taikang company logo is the main design pattern. "Cumulative" and "Establish" are also important design elements. Design details like overlapping, repeat patterned elements are found all over the space.

Continuity of the design language from the simplicity and the hierarchy space in lobby, the vitality fitness room, the quiet and warm affinity staff restaurant, the green design of the staff restaurant, to the modern luxury taste of the VIP parking area on the basement.

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