Shenzhen Metro Line 14th The Qing Shui He Station

LocationShenzhen, China
Size15,936 sqm
StatusPlanning Concept
Design Date2017
ClientShenzhen Metro

Carrying the concept from 19th Century, the Garden City, a planning concept which was meant to promote working and living environment by the use of the fast transportation advantage in the 19th Century. Now-a-days with the even more advanced metro development, we applied the old concept to the new era for an ever better new planning strategy. Intimately, we interwoven the 3 relationships, Transportation, Green and Live, together to revitalize an old developed area. A sense of arrival for visitor, a sense of belonging for residents, and a sense of security could be achieved by carefully locate the metro line together with greenery, which bring people and scenery in a location to kickstart a old area revitalization.