Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City

LocationShenyang, China
Size15,000 sqm
StatusOpened in 2017
ScopeInterior Design
Design Date2015
AwardsThe International Design Awards 2016 - Bronze
AwardsA'Design Award 2019 - Silver Winner

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City, a 24 hour “book mall” in Shenyang themed with the design concept of “Tree of Cultural”- a page on a book, a leaf on a tree. “Book-ladder culture” as the focal point of the project is meant to reflect the atmosphere of reading under the tree, where this area also served as a main event space to held seminars and autograph event. Lighting effect penetrating through origami like elements from walls and ceiling becomes a nostalgic element to show a new culture of the city with a growing lantern that never goes off. With its design and new way of operation, the cultural plaza has now become one of the major landmarks in Shenyang, demonstrating a revolution of bookshop and shopping experience, meanwhile as a reminder on traditional reading culture, where now a day, the seminar events held here has become one of major events within the city. 

The International Design Awards 2016