Shanghai Lujiazui Gala Mall

Size (5-1)84,000 sqm
Size (3-1)36,000 sqm
StatusOpened in 2017
Design Date2013
Awards2018 Hong Kong Design Awards - Silver Award
AwardsThe International Design Awards 2016 - Silver Award
AwardsGerman Design Awards 2020 - Winner

Located in LuJiaZui, where used to be the gateway of Shanghai with number of shipyards since 1850s. Key challenge is to revive its historic value and reconnect the new development as a social interchange. Hence, the inspiration was derived from the concept of Shipyard. In order to celebrate the significance of the historic background, the interior of the Gala Mall utilize a lot of familiar feature that can be found in the ship like deck, caban, gangway, and wave. These design features are being revivaled in the interior design and taking the shopping experience to the whole new level.