Gemdale Kunming
Hengtai City
Plot M Commerical Mall

Size1200,000 sqm
StatusConstruction Phase
ScopeInterior Design
Design Date2016

Kunming project total construction area of​​ about 1.2 million square meters, project is adjacent to the South Second Ring Road and Haigeng, straight-line distance and the old city of Kunming Lake core area is only 4 km, good transport links, the advantage is obvious . M Lot is one of the core, with luxury office buildings, commercial, residential apartments and other rich formats; to create a new lifestyle center, to create the ultimate destination.

Interior design with architectural imagery inspiration from the local red land elements, curve free-flowing form, rich layers of laminated changes colorful colors . GEMDALE HENGTAI CITY PLOT M MALL IS WHERE THE HOME IS: Children park, family, lifestyle, green living. Sunken plaza and staircase is the central of the mall.