JATO team are built upon architects, interior and graphic designers, whom from different nationalities, with different background and culture. In every design, we are benefited with the diversity in personal experience, personality and different culture of our designers from around the world. In addition, with our hub of professionals our head quarter (Jiang and Associates Creative Design ( Formerly name Jiang Feng Interior Design), who can further support your project with the best E&M design, lighting design, FF&E design and cost-effective control.

JATO will continuously refresh with latest technology and strengthen ourselves, in order to provide the highest quality service and technical support.

Raymond Wong

M.Arch, B.E.D.S, BSc
Associate Director

Raymond joined JATO Hong Kong Office in 2016 as an Deputy Director. He has a wealth of experience on projects in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Through his experience on construction site and project management skill, he is bringing a strong technical background and expertise to all projects.

Raymond has worked in various building types and infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Raymond specializes in Building Architecture, Hospitality Fitout and Renovation works for buildings.