Size (5-1)84,000m2
Size (3-1)36,000m2
StatusOpened in 2017
Design Date2013
Awards2018 Hong Kong Design Awards - Silver Award
AwardsThe International Design Awards 2016 - Silver Award

Project Description

Located in LuJiaZui, where used to be the gateway of Shanghai with number of shipyards since 1850s. Key challenge is to revive its historic value and reconnect the new development as a social interchange. Hence, the inspiration was derived from the concept of Shipyard. In order to celebrate the significance of the historic background, the interior of the Gala Mall utilize a lot of familiar feature that can be found in the ship like deck, caban, gangway, and wave. These design features are being revivaled in the interior design and taking the shopping experience to the whole new level.


StatusOpened in 2016
Design Date2013
AwardsThe International Design Awards 2016 - Bronze Award

Project Description

This is a commercial development in Shenzhen Lungan comprising a shopping centre, an office tower and a hotel. JATO is commissioned to propose an alternative design scheme for this shopping podium (including planning and facade). With a 400m long street facade, the shopping centre comprises 11 stories with a whopping 45000 sqm of retail floor area. Shops and F&B are accommodated on the first 6 levels. The developer attempted to establish a jewel market which are housed on the floors above plus conference facilities.


StatusOpened in 2017
Design Date2015
AwardsThe International Design Awards 2016 - Bronze Award

Project Description

Shenyang Jiuwu Culture City, a 24 hour “book mall” in Shenyang themed with the design concept of “Tree of Cultural”- a page on a book, a leaf on a tree. “Book-ladder culture” as the focal point of the project is meant to reflect the atmosphere of reading under the tree, where this area also served as a main event space to held seminars and autograph event. Lighting effect penetrating through origami like elements from walls and ceiling becomes a nostalgic element to show a new culture of the city with a growing lantern that never goes of. With its design and new way of operation, the cultural plaza has now become one of the major landmarks in Shenyang, demonstrating a revolution of bookshop and shopping experience.


StatusOpened in 2015
Design Date2012
AwardsMapic Awards of Best Redeveloped Shopping Centre 2016

Project Description

Wuhan Mall City is a newly renovated high-end shopping center located at the core business district in the Wangjiawan, Wuhan. The total floor area is about 247000m2 and the target audiences are teenagers, business traveler and tourists. This is a façade renovation design project. The design concept of the façade begins with the movement of “wave”. As a dynamic gesture and visual illusion using curvilinear fins. Together with the fascinating lighting effects on the facade, it creates a great visual contrast between the conventional building volume and the curvilinear building envelope.


StatusMaster Planning
Design Date2015
AwardsBusan International Design Competition 2015 - 2nd prize

Project Description

This international design competition was established to create ‘a Hub for Creative Economy and Cultural and Artistic Square’ at Busan Station area. The intention is to revitalize the existing downtown through exchanging and promoting the design industry and culture…etc. Busan Railway Station will be the gateway of Busan North Port Redevelopment Project.

The concept of design begins with a journey and to establish a new link from the existing Downtown to the Station Square. To bridge between these two areas, we create a city corridor to allow the public to move seamlessly over the busy highway from the Station Square.